Valentine’s Day and Pinterest


Well it’s Sunday and I’m sitting at my kitchen table in a pair of PINK sweatpants, nursing a cold with some black tea. When I am feeling under the weather, I spend a lot of time online, mainly because I lack the necessary energy to tackle that humongous pile of laundry on my bed. Earlier this morning, I was on a Pinterest kick and ended up scrolling through dozens of boards, looking for that creative pin that would inspire me to make something beautiful.

Now with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there are tons and tons of boards with all sorts of ideas for decorations and homemade gifts for that special someone. I love the idea of making something by hand because it adds just a bit more of yourself and makes the gift even more special.

So I have a request for my readers out there! What is your best idea for your special person for Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion)? Share it with everyone and bring your own inspiration to the table. Check out my boards on Pinterest by clicking the link on the sidebar! I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Love is in the air, let’s make something with the hands we’re given.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day and Pinterest

  1. Patricia Bidinger

    This past Christmas our theme was homemade. Jim and Sarah designed and built a Christmas tree. For the grab bag, I purchased a set of Italian spices to encourage at-home cooking and my brother made a glass garden ornament. It was great. The effort and love that goes into making a meal or making a gift increases the value a hundred fold. Valentine’s day with a heart shaped meatloaf made by your own little hands is worth so much more than dinner at Tru.

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